15 photos

I lived in Hungary from 1997 to 2001, but all my photos from that era are pre-digital, alas! These images are from later visits in 2009 and 2013.
Interior gallery, Budapest, HungaryRaoul Wallenberg Street, Budapest, HungarySundial, Szentendre, HungarySerbian Orthodox church steeple, Szentendre, HungaryEquestrian lovers statue, Budapest, HungaryRoman Military Amphitheatre, Obuda, HungarySidewalk Cafe near Kossuth Lojos Street, Budapest,Nyugati Train Station, Budapest, HungaryNames of the murdered, Holocaust memorial Center, Budapest, HungaryCentral Courtyard, Holocaust Memorial Center, Budapest, HungaryDetail of Holocaust memorial sculpture, Budapest, HungaryDetail of Great Synagogue, Budapest, HungaryBas relief guardians, Budapest, HungaryInterior of Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, HungaryOpera fans awaiting a performance, Budapest, Hungary