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And now for something completely different--bus stops! Who pays attention to these? But in Central Asia they are often fascinating works of art. Many date from Soviet times; others are celebrations of nationalism, containing cultural motifs and other potent symbols of the people and their history. These images were taken between 2007 and 2013.
Bus stop brightly painted, KazakhstanBus stop with musician, KazakhstanDetail 1 of bus stop with musician, KazakhstanDetail 2 of bus stop with musician, KazakhstanBus stop, Kazakhstan 1Bus stop, Kazakhstan 2 winterBus stop, Almaty, KZBus stop, Shymbulak, KazakhstanDetail of Shymbulak bus stop, KazakhstanBus stop at a crossroads, rural KazakhstanBus stop, Krygyzstan 1Bus stop, Kyrgyzstan 2Bus stop, Kyrgyzstan 3Bus stop, Krygyzstan 44Unfinished bus stop, KrygyzstanBus stop, Kyrgyzstan 5Bus stop near Kazakh-Kyrgyz borderConcrete bus stop with Soviet motif, KazakhstanDetail of bus stop with Soviet motif