33 photos

These images are from my deployment to Iraq with the Coalition Provisional Authority and later the Department of State in 2004-06. They were taken with my first digital camera and the resolution is low by today's standards. Some images were taken through bullet-proof glass as well. But I decided to post them anyway despite the lack of sharpness because they document an important time in the rapidly-changing history of this country.
Men reacting to armed Americans on Baghdad street, May 2004On the move, car window, Baghdad 2004Uday's lions being fed, 2004Green Zone traffic stop, 2004Control Tower, Green Zone, BaghdadGreen Zone Iraqi soldiers' memorial, 2004Detail 1 of Green Zone Iraqi soldiers' memorial, 2004Detail 2 of Green Zone Iraqi soldiers' memorial, 2004Remote incineration at the Palace of the Believers, Baghdad 2004Hallway in Believer's Palace, Baghdad 2004Abandoned barracks, Green Zone, 2004Preparing for a mission, Green Zone, Baghdad, 2004Garden of Republican Palace at night, Baghdad 2004Republican Palace at sunset, Baghdad 2004Santa Claus catches up on latest news, Green Zone 2004C-130 transport, awaiting passengersVillage 1 near Mosul, IraqVillage 2 near Mosul, IraqMosaic portrait of Saddam Hussein, Palace in Mosul, IraqAssyrian wall in Mosul, 2005