These images were taken in 2006, during a visit that included Beijing, Xian, Guilin and a cruise along the Yangtze while the Three Gorges Dam was still under construction.
Guarding the image of Mao at the entrance to the Forbidden CityFast food workers outside the Forbidden CityLate night snacksA small girl poses by a bell tower, Lama Temple complex, BeijingDetail of pagoda at Lama Temple complex, BeijingSenior tree near the Lama Temple, BeijingHutong kitchen, Beijing, ChinaA small boy contemplates his heritage near the Forbidden CityMen playing cards near XianNature reclaiming  a temple in the Muslim quarter, XianEntrepreneurs taking a break, rural ChinaKitchen workers on a tour boat, Guilin, ChinaA grandmother feeds her pride and joy, rural ChinaYoung rice plants growing, rural ChinaDoomed farm along the Yangtze watershed , October, 2006Neighborhood slated for demolition, Shanghai, 2006A man walking outside Shanghai train station, 2006the front ranks of terra-cotta warriors, XianMaking noodles in a Xian hotelWarriors yet to be uncovered, Xian, 2006